Tutoring is Cheaper than Fast Food

By Nitza M. Dalmau

The idea that Tutoring is too expensive depends greatly on your perception.  Tutors come in many sizes and shapes, from high school and college students, to certified teachers and professionals in different fields.  The same way, prices will vary depending on their credentials, experience, and subject area.  It is important that you choose a tutor, that not only possess academic knowledge but also employs strategies that help your child become an independent learner. A tutor should be sought when there is an obvious gap in a child’s academics, bad school reports, a call from the teacher, consistently missed schoolwork, consistent attempts to miss school, or signs of stress, anxiety, or depression when dealing with school (McCullagh, 2019).

In south Florida, prices for one-on-one tutoring range from $25 to $80 per session (Miami Herald, 2014;, 2019). Take into consideration that many companies charge way higher than this for group tutoring and not one-on-one. If we consider an average price of $55 per session at one session per week, this will cost approximately $220 a month. In contrast, the average American can spend more than $200 a month eating out. On a 2015 article published on, Rebecca Lake reported the average American spent about $100 a month in fast food. Today, the average spends around $250 a month (Burdo, 2018). Now, multiply that by the number of people in your family and consider how much you spend eating out. This includes, deliveries, take out, meal kits, etc. Oh, and that fancy coffee you buy Monday through Friday that cost you a minimum of $40 a month!

When meeting with your selected tutor, discuss your concerns and goals for your child, listen to his suggestions and together come up with a plan and a time frame.  The end goal is to help the student succeed independently in their academics. Remember, tutoring is not forever. Then why not dropping the fast food for a month or two, get slimmer and healthier, while we conquer those pesky Math concepts, and writing essay skills??  I think is worth the sacrifice!!


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